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This year is dedicated to winning compositions of the NY ElectroAcoustic call for scores with flute and electronics: Patrick Reed "As the Flames Grow Higher", Kyle Peter Rotolo's "No-More, Too-Late, Farewell", "Dialogue" by S. Jean Park, . and Jacob Thiede "And Everything In Between" 

  Winners of the eighth International competition, as well as thank everyone who has contributed ideas to the furthering of musical expression:
Ozcan Sonmez of Bulgaria, working at Istanbul University, has won the 2017 Ensemble contest with his "Aladdin's Lamp" for 7 flutists.  Honorable mention in this category is given to Daniel Walzer, assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell, for his "Enigmatic Miniature" for flute quartet. 
The solo category winner is Marco Gaietta, from Venice, with his "Duale" composition for clarinet. 
       Baroque Ensemble Elisa Baciocchi including Carlo and Claudio Valenti, Carlo Benvenuto, Fabbrizio Datteri, and Linda DiMartino Wetheirll will perform music of F X Geminiani:  "Lettura della Gerusalemme Liberata di T. Tassio, with Piero Nannini, narrator  at Teatro Monte Carlo, Lucca, October 14, 2018.  Also, Lucca Chamber Music Festival will present concertos by Handel on June 29.


 "Atique" by Filippo Zapponi , Strasbourg, 2018, 
will be premiered July 12, at Palazzo Baronale, Tiggiano, with pianist Giovanni Calabrese.

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