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We wish to thank here everyone who participated in the 2015 competition with innovative compositions for furthering the development of musical communications.  
List of previous winners:
 2014 Alastair Greig, London, UK, "Neruda Fragments" for solo cello,
 Javier Maria Lopez Rodriguez, Spain, "Diglosia" flute & piano,
 David Stockard, Northern Ireland, UK, "for a Cellist and Pianist
Federico Nunez, honorable mention, for "Transmutaciones" cello solo
 2013 composition competition: Paolo Geminiani (Ravenna) "Inner Counterpoints" for harpsichord & flute;  Jonathan Howard Katz (NY) "Fantasy" for double bass & flute:  and Vikas Deo (India via Chicago)
 "3 Pieces for Harp on the North Indian Raag Ahir Bhairav". 
2012 Winners: 
 Greg Caffrey, Northern Ireland: "Takemitsu"s Dream" solo guitar;
Saman Samadi, Iran, "Paj" flute and piano;  Can Bilir, "Hypertext" solo flute;
Ludwig Tuman, "Variations on a Theme of William Daniel" for solo piano
2011 Winners: 
 Juan Pedro Oliveira, Portugal & Brazil, "Entre Ar e Perfeicao", 
      flute and piano with electronics; 
 Ewan Campbell, Great Britain:  "Fading Wingprints" for solo contrabass;  Berndt Shumann, Germany:  "Das Staunen, wenn der Alptraum wahr wird";  Paolo Geminiani, Italy: "Albori de Nuove Epifanie"  for solo flute
2010 Winners:  Marios Joannou Ella, Cyprus, "Cicadas" for solo piano; 
 Marco Reghezza, Taggia, Italy: "Pensieri", for solo flute;
 David Sherr, NY & LA "Birds of Omen" for soprano, flute and piano 
The Seventh Annual Counterpoint International Competition 2016 invites works for NYC premieres (as above) and Lucca International Festival for Chamber Music/Composition workshops & concerts, residencies & students registrations now on
 a) violin or viola solo
 b)  organ, piano or harpsichord  solo
 c)  chamber music (small ensembles)
  Electronics may be added to any of the above instrumental choices    ( instruments that may be included are violin, viola, piano, percussion, trumpet and/or guitar in chamber ensemble scores)
Contest Rules:
This competition will have 2 classifications 1) solo  and 2) chamber music ensembles Works may not have been already awarded in other contests.  However, the work may have had a previous performance.  
There is no age limit for entrants, and more than one composition per    composer is permitted.
Application due date is March 15, 2016
Prizes:  First, second, third, prizes are to be given, with the option of honorable mentions in extremely close decisions.  The prizes are performances in NY and Italy and residence in the Lucca International Festival, with other options as made available. . .
Competition information:
Please send pdf copies of works and explanatory note using a pseudonym or keyword to Professor Linda DiMartino Wetherill at Muzarte@msn.com).  A recording or electronic mockup will be a great help.
Send in other pdf annexes, personal data:  name, sddress, phone, email, a brief curriculum vitae and photo.
Send one brief note explaining composition's origins, sources, techniques used, and other descriptions (one page maximum) to be used as program notes for the performances, along with application fee of 50 euros banknote or US dollar equivalent money order or check payable to Linda Wetherill, comptroller and general director.  This application may also be made with Paypal to Muzarte@msn.com
Insieme alla partitura dovra essere inviata unda scheda in busta chiusa (o pdf) contenente nome cognome e indirrizzo, numero di telefono, un breve curriculum e una fotografie.  Le  Partiture posso esser inviate anche in formato digitale (pdf) al seguente indirizzo di posta elettronica e PayPal:  Muzarte@msn.com
Application materials will be accepted by email at Muzarte@msn.com and also by post at  Professor Linda Wetherill, St. John's Hall-Music, St. John's University, 8000 Utopia Parkway, Queens, N.Y. 11439.
Le partiture devranno pervenire in forma anonima o utilizzando une pseudonimo al Professoressa Linda DiMartino Wetheril, Muzarte@msn.com .
Please address questions to Linda at Muzarte@msn.com
Our Italian address is recommended for correspondence May 30th-August 30:
Italian office:  Counterpoint-Italy
              Muzarte@msn.com or
              via san Ginese, 170
              San Ginese di Compito
              55061  LUCCA,  ITALIA
< Workshops and concerts at the splendid oratori degli Angeli & Istitute Musicale R. Baralli, via degli Angeli #28 in Cental Lucca
Many thanks to our 12 year old artist Audrey Zhang for 2015 wonderful image of itinerant musicians (below)
Lucca train station is served from Pisa, Viareggio, Livorno, Firenze, and Roma.   Current best airport is Pisa,very very close with service to Lucca every half hour.  (Residencies for composers and instrumentalists will be apartments in the old city, with concerts in oratorio of Angeli Custode of Institute Musicale Baralli, where rehearsals and classes are held.