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We are pleased to announce the winners of the eighth International competition, as well as thank everyone who has contributed ideas to the furthering of musical expression:
Ozcan Sonmez of Bulgaria, working at Istanbul University, has won the 2017 Ensemble contest with his "Aladdin's Lamp" for 7 flutists.  Honorable mention in this category is given to Daniel Walzer, assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts in Lowell, for his "Enigmatic Miniature" for flute quartet. 
The solo category winner is Marco Gaietta, from Venice, with his "Duale" composition for clarinet. 
We congratulate these composers and thank everyone for their participation.

Flute Masterclasses in Salento (castles in the very heel!) will be July 31- August 6.  

Joao Pedro Oliveira, Portugal- Brazil
Paolo Geminiani,  of Ravenna

< Alessandro Cazzato, violin, Bari, will present music of Geminiani and Oliveira at Carnegie hall on July 13th.

Giovanni Calabrese, Conservatorio Mozart, Tricase, will perform with Linda Wetherill in Tiggiano, August 3


Joao Pedro Oliveira, 2016 & 2013 winner         
                       Linda DiMartino Wetherill, flutist and alto flutist           


 Paolo Geminiani; Professor at Bari Conservatorio

Lucca Chamber Music Festival will feature Boccherini trios on July 8, and Haydn on July 23rd