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of the 5th International Competition *
Alastair Greig,  UK, "Neruda Fragments" for solo cello;  Javier Maria Lopez Rodriguez, Spain, "Diglosia"  for flute and piano:  David Stockard, Northern Ireland, "For a Cellist and Pianist, 2013" ,  Federico Nunez,  Argentina, honorable mentiion "Transmutaciones"  for violoncello solo
LIst of Winners from 2010 until present
Chamber Music Residencies in LUCCA, with coaching for chamber groups, individual instrumentalists, as well as composition and improvization classes are offered in Lucca, birthplace of Puccini, Boccherini, and Geminiani, for summer 2015:
I workshop di musica da camera, composizione & improv.  si svolgeranno gli unlitimi settimanenei mesi di Giugno et Luglio ( with optional excursions) 
<  Puccini's birhplace
Individuals or groups may apply by January 31, 2015:  Application / Scheda d'Iscrizione  or fill form at "contact us" on page 3.
 Repertoire will be selected when participants are selected;  requests will be appreciated and served.    There will be a concert of composers  and an opening concert of chamber music for flute, cello, and organ in the Oratorio, 3 additional concerts in the nearby area and then a culminating concert of students and faculty again in Lucca at the Oratorio.
Boccherini - master composer and cellist                                                  Geminiani -Baroque composer&violinist                                                 
The famous medieval wall/park of Lucca
Lucca's beautiful venue for our chamber concerts is above, pictured with Linda & Paolo Tomassi, contrabass) : Please register (download app0lication with link) or at "contact us" and also send an mp3 or Youtube brief sample of  playing to Muzarte@msn.com for placement.  ( application)  Due to the large number of participants, our residence will be in the old monastery, Hostel San Frediano, in  Lucca.
Lucca's Roman Amphitheatre from 1 A.D.      Florence's cathedral at night:
Volterra; Etruscan birthplace of Mediterranean civilization 
       Siena, site of learning and culture:
                                              Galileo's Place of miracles in Pisa
<  San Ginese & Scuola di Musica Baralli
  Wind coach:  International solo, orchestral  & chamber music artist in NYC/Europe: Linda DiMartino Wetherill
& Paolo Tommasi, contrabasso virtuoso
July  27-August 4th   Itinerary
String direction with Daniel Barrett
 (NY, cello with Linda Dimartino Wetherill
 competition   winner
      Alistair Grieg, Kings college, London
   ^   Milan Cathedral ^
Guitar, composition, improvisation , conducting                                                 
and chamber  music with
 Fernando Maglia  (BuenosAires)