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Composer & Performer Residencies in LUCCA, with visualization and discussion of individual compositions,  as well as composition, improvisation, & Baroque practice , with evening performances by resident pros and guest musicians of all levels are announced for summer 2015 in Lucca, from July 25th through Aug. 2.  Apply by Dec. 31. 
I workshop di musica, composizione & improv., e musica Barocca,  si svolgeranno gli unlitimi settimanene di Luglio, Sabato,25,al Lunedi, il 2Agosto.                                                                       
Young composers & performers may apply by Dec. 31, 2015 with the same info as given in contest guidelines on the next page "About us". 
When participants are chosen, we will select rerpertoire.    There will be evening concerts of composers and other chamber music for winds, strings, percussion and organ in the Oratorio and additional venues  in lucca and the nearby area.    Chamber music ensembles and soloists are invited to apply for this 9 day residency with daily rehearsals, coachings, composer workshops, Baroque performance practice coachings and evening performances;   Please download chamber music application with this link for placement:   application  Residencies for all musicians will be in the old monastery, Hostel San Frediano, in  Lucca, where we will also hold daily composer master classes and workshops.  Chamber Music rehearsals will be held at the Baralli Istitute of Music next to the oratorio. Cost for professional players and composers is 600 euros, inclusive of breakfast, dinner and shared suite;  Student cost is 800 euros.
The 6th Annual Competition for Composers will receive scores until March 15, 2015. . . Guidelines are on next page;  please note we are are including percussion solos and in small ensemble of choice.
Lucca's Roman Amphitheatre from 1 A.D.     
Manuel Margot, Pianist, Composer, Buenos Aires,  giving a workshop  in the Oratorio     
 <Eliseo Sandretti, Professore at Institute Baralli , Lucca, Workshop on Organ traditions and
Baroque realization
winds with NY flutist,
 First prize 2014, 
Prof. at 
Kings college,
Fernando Maglia, BA,  v   Composer, Conductor            
Federico Nunez,    composer,   prizewinner 2014  v
              San Frediano ,  Home Base                                         
  ^                                                                                                  v
Cellist,Composer Daniel Barrett NYC, strings